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With the Airy Fryer Metal 7L you can fry any dish in large quantities, using just a spoonful of oil to obtain healthy and tasty frying at the same time. Thanks to the large 7 L basket, with Ariete's Airy Fryer Metal 7L you can cook up to 2 kg of fries at once! French fries, but not only, also croquettes, fish, meat and many other breaded foods, both frozen and ready to fry, and fresh and freshly breaded, thanks to 12 pre-set programs.

How does the air fryer work?

The air fryer (1800W) cooks thanks to the high temperature air, adjustable from 35°C up to 200°C, which circulates at maximum speed and 360° inside the cooking chamber and guarantees uniform distribution of heat inside. It is precisely the hot air that allows for homogeneous cooking of the dishes and the formation of a crunchy crust on the outside, which has nothing to envy to traditional frying. Thanks to the hot air, there will be no need to add a lot of oil to obtain tasty fried food, because a simple spoonful will suffice, in this way you will bring lighter but tasty food to the table for the whole family.

From the large touch screen panel you can adjust cooking times, programs, temperatures and timers. Airy Fryer Metal 7L features the Max Crisp function: thanks to the special grid that positions the food raised inside the air chamber, the cooking of the food will be more crunchy in just a few minutes. Airy Fryer Metal 7L has 2 pluses: the heating function and the shake signal. The latter indicates when it is necessary to turn the dishes inside the basket in order to optimize cooking. Frying is right in your hands!

The Airy Fryer Metal 7L air fryer is easy to clean thanks to the non-stick basket with grill and has a low environmental impact, because it does not produce waste oil, which is one of the most difficult to dispose of waste in circulation.

Fried with a single spoonful of oil

 Everyone really likes frying, adults and children, but it is not always a healthy option for the whole family. In fact, frying with oil increases the amount of saturated fats present in foods, making them very caloric and difficult to digest. Air frying avoids the use of oil (just one spoonful will suffice!) but without giving up the typical crunchiness of frying)

Fry without odors in the house

 Frying yes, bad smells no! With the 7L air fryer you can fry any food, without smoke and without leaving an annoying fried smell in the house typical of oil fryers. In fact, the high temperature air circulates inside the air fryer, cooking quickly and without fat, without releasing smoke and odors outside


 Fry the way you and your family like it. With the Max Crisp function and the 12 pre-set programs you can set the timer, cooking and temperature

2 kg of french fries

If you want fries but light, the air fryer is essential. You will get all the crunchiness of fries in oil, both in the chips version by cutting thin slices of fresh potatoes, and in the stick version, by air frying the frozen fries

Frying for every palate

From fish to vegetables, from chips to breaded, for dinners with family and friends, it satisfies every taste

For a lighter fried

The air chamber of the 7L Air Fryer embraces food at 360° and creates your favorite dishes, sweet and savory, without added fat

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