Hot Air Fryer 2 Double Chambers 5.5L Each

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  • Hot air fryer with intelligent two-chamber technology & independent cooking zones
  • Choose an individual program (cooking time & temperature) per chamber - the completion time of both dishes is automatically synchronized
  • Use the same program for both chambers - for twice the amount in the same time
  • New design & lots of space: Chambers with XL cooking zones (2 x 5.5 l) and practical viewing windows
  • With 11 preset programs and manual mode for many creative meals
  • 2400 watts
Simply clever: With the "MAXXMEE" two-chamber hot air fryer, you not only deep fry particularly quickly and low-fat thanks to the hot air function, you can also conjure up entire menus in just one device in no time at all! Two separate chambers with synchronized cooking zones give you two delicious ways of preparing food: You can use the same settings in both cooking zones and thus get twice the amount of your favorite food in the same amount of time - e.g. B. crispy French fries or delicious chicken nuggets. You can also prepare two different meals with different programs, different cooking times and different temperatures in the separate chambers, so that everything is ready to serve at the same time. programs Cooking times and temperatures can be set individually in both chambers, and the end of cooking times is automatically synchronized. So are e.g. B. French fries and fish fillet ready to the point at the same time. Discover deliciously crispy indulgence, easier and more convenient than ever! With 11 preset programs and manual mode, LED display and 60-minute timer function.

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