Ice Crusher Machine 30W

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Style: Blue
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30 W. Removable ice crusher basket. Transparent lid. Stainless steel blades. Ideal for creating slushes and cocktails.

Ice Crusher Party Time is the incredible ice crusher from the Party Time line which, with its exclusive design, gives your kitchen a touch of joy.

Thanks to its 30W of power you get crushed ice in a few moments: insert the cubed ice in the upper part, place the glass on the base inside the engraved screen printing, close the lid equipped with a safety device and Ice Crusher will activate automatically.
The ice will be perfectly chopped thanks to the stainless steel blades.

Once finished, Ice Crusher can be easily disassembled, including the ice crusher basket, for quick cleaning and will be immediately ready to crush more ice.
Crushed ice with Ice Crusher is perfect for preparing cocktails and fresh slushes to garnish as you like.

Insert the ice cubes inside the Ice Crusher basket and let the ice crush perfectly.

The crushed ice will fall directly into the glass and you can make fresh slushes for everyone!


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