Kettle BBQ - Large

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$230 $300


  • A larger kettle BBQ, standing 106cm in height once fully assembled
  • Made from enamel coated steel so durable & re-usable.
  • The chrome plated steel cooking grill has a 53.5cm diameter so is able to cook for multiple people at once
  • Two charcoal dividers are included. This allows the chef to pile the charcoal on one side of the firebowl & cook indirectly
  • The lid has an adjustable stainless-steel ventilation disc to allow air to flow through it, helping get the charcoal up to cooking temperature quickly & easily. The built in thermometer lets the chef know when the perfect cooking temperature has been reached
  • There is a removable ash catcher which prevents hot ash from spilling everywhere whilst in use. Once the ash has cooled down, it can safely be disposed of
  • Once assembled, the BBQ is easy to transport as it is mounted on two wheel, with a leg to give stability whilst in use


  • The Kettle BBQ 57cm has a classic design and compact size, ideal for any garden space. An enamelled lid and fire bowl makes this kettle perfect for traditional direct cooking, and integrated charcoal dividers are also suitable for indirect cooking and smoking. An integrated lid thermometer and air vents also ensure the perfect temperature every time. It's also easy to move around the garden, with two wheels and a leg to stabilise it. The enamelled lid and fire bowl keep in the heat and all those succulent flavours.

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