Memphis Smoker BBQ

Save $200

$450 $650


  • Smoker with 4-in-1 functions for direct and indirect grilling, smoking and hot-cold smoking.
  • Enamelled grill racks with a total grill surface of 67x34cm (cooking chamber) and 31x32cm (burner chamber).
  • Practical thermometer in lid for monitoring the temperature in the cooking chamber.
  • With detachable shelf at front to place barbecue utensils on and another shelf at the bottom for storing charcoal, pellets, etc.
  • Includes chimney with adjustable chimney cap (lid) for smoke outlet.
  • 2 large steel wheels for easy moving.
  • Grease tray that is easy to remove for easy cleaning.
  • Made in Germany 

The Memphis Smoker BBQ is a versatile product that offers 4-in-1 functions, including smoking, hot-cold smoking, direct and indirect grilling. With its enamelled grill rack measuring 67 x 34cm, this barbecue is suitable for cooking a wide range of food, from vegetables to meats, catering to everyone's taste buds. The presence of a chimney creates an optimal grilling environment, while the lid thermometer monitors the cooking chamber's temperature. Additionally, it features a detachable shelf for holding barbecue utensils and a grease tray, making it an ideal choice for social gatherings with friends and family. It is also equipped with 2 large steel wheels that make it easy to move, making it perfect for outdoor events.      

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