FlowClear AquaDrift Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner




  • Automatic Pool Cleaner- A simple to use pool cleaner, which works by simply connecting a hose to the cleaners filter pump the power of the filter will allow the vacuum to manoeuvre itself across the pool floor with ease
  • Anti-Slip Wheels- The multi-directional wheels do not slip, and they are able to change direction by themselves, with 3 adjustability settings for the option to manually control the wheels if you prefer, it will leave your pool sparkling
  • Easy Retrieval From Water- With a handle on the back of the cleaner, it is effortless to remove from the water and store away for future use without causing stress
  • Flow Adjustment Valve- Sort out the correct flow rate for different filtration systems which improves the cleaners compatibility and functionality
  • Effortless Collects Debris- The cleaner offers a brush at the bottom to help collect debris such as leaves, dirt and sand, this goes into the basket before it reaches the filter, this prologues the filters life and saves money in the long-run!

The Flowclear™ AquaDrift™ Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is a great solution for anyone who wants a clean pool with virtually no effort. The water‑propelled design provides an easy way to keep your pool water clean all season long as the vacuum moves across the bottom of the pool on its own. It is easy to use, with handles that make it simple to retrieve the device out of the water. Let the AquaDrift automatic pool cleaner do the dirty work for you! How it Works: Simply connect the cleaner's hose to your filter pump, place it in the pool, and it will take off. The power from the filter will allow the vacuum to manoeuvre itself across the floor of your pool. The brush along the bottom of the cleaner will help collect debris such as dirt, leaves and sand in the basket before it reaches your filter, not only prolonging the life of your pump but also keeping your pool sparkling clean for you. The multidirectional wheels give this item full mobility to reach the full area of your pool. Featuring 3 adjustability settings, you can also change the direction and angle of the wheels manually. Pool Compatibility: Recommended for above ground pools up to 6.70 m (22 ft.) in diameter, with cartridge and sand filter pumps with flow rates of 5,678‑12,113 L/h (1,500‑3,200 gal./h). With all hoses and equipment compatible with most leading pool pump brands included, set up is also a breeze. Sit back, relax and let the AquaDrift Automatic Pool Vacuum do all the cleaning for you this summer.

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