Queen Roll & Relax Airbed 203x152x22cm, 2 Person




The Pavillo Roll & Relax Air Mattress is perfect for an outdoor excursion. Why bother carrying a pump or exhausting yourself using lung-powered inflation included Carry Bag Pump inflates the bed easily with about 12 hand compressions.

Once you are ready to inflate the bed, simply remove the bed and connect the carry bag to the valve. Open the bag and swing it up and down to catch plenty of air.

Gather up the open end of the bag to trap the air inside.

Squeeze the bag to force the air out and into the bed. Repeat until desired firmness is reached.

 When you are ready to deflate the mattress, it can easily fit back into the AirCinch carry bag for transport and storage.

Convenient, compact and comfortable, the Pavillo Roll & Relax Air Mattress is uniquely designed for the outdoors, so you can feel secure knowing your bed can withstand almost any terrain you wish to explore.

* Innovative system inflates airbed within 90 seconds (~12 hand compressions)
*Convenient inflation/deflation without the hassle of a heavy pump
* Great for indoor & outdoor use
Contents: One airbed , one Aircinch air bag, repair patch

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