Sea Captain Family Pool 213x155x132cm

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  • Sea Captain Family Pool- Perfect for families to get their kids outside and enjoying the water, everyone can have fun in the sun while splashing about
  • Removeable UV Sunshade- The detachable sunshade can keep kids cool and safe from the sun’s direct rays, while still giving you the option to use the pool with or without the shade
  • Built-In Steering Wheel- Kids can feel that they are captain of the seas while letting their imagination run wild with the steering wheel and horn as they navigate the waters
  • Fun Ocean Graphics- Inspired by life at sea the funky graphics include dolphins, anchors and starfish to absorb kids into the marine life
  • Quick Set-Up- Getting the pool up and ready to play in takes minutes with the quick and easy set up
  • 3+

The Bestway® Sea Captain Family Pool is the perfect way for families to play in the water together! Whether the kids are just getting used to splashing or they’ve been swimming for years, this pool will give them a fun day outside. While they play, the removable UV Careful™ sunshade will keep them cool and safely out of the sun’s direct rays. Plus, the sunshade is removable, giving you the convenient option to remove it and use the pool without it. The Sea Captain pool has a built‑in steering wheel with a horn that allows kids to pretend they’re the captain of the ship as the navigate the wild waters of the sea and honk at the other boats passing by. Set sail on summer fun and let their imaginations run wild as they play under the shade of this family pool!

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