Casserole, Cast Aluminum Indigo




MasterPro is a range of cookware from the Bergner brand, created in co-operation with the Cook&Chef Institute, which brings together representatives of the world of haute cuisine from over 50 countries.

The knowledge and experience of the chefs of this organisation helped to create the Masterpro cookware collections.

All lines of the brand are developed taking into account the wishes of professionals to the characteristics of cookware for professional kitchens.

XYLAN PLUS NON-STICK COATING: We have incorporated a coating into our Indigo range with high wear and corrosion resistance, which perfectly repels grease and water, preventing ingredients from sticking.

  • Casserole 24Cm With Lid
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Handles With A Soft Touch Finish
  • Cast Aluminium.

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