Fully Automatic Pasta Maker 260W




Preparing homemade pasta is not just cooking, but an ancient art, as well as a true gesture of love.

Fast, compact and multifunctional, the Masterpro pasta machine by Carlo Cracco.

It is ideal for making homogeneous, elastic and compact dough at home for all pasta shapes of tradition or to enhance your creativity in the kitchen.

  • Power: 260W
  • Very simple to use
  • Powerful and compact
  • Kneads and makes different pasta shapes completely automatically
  • Add customized ingredients such as eggs, greens and greens to create an always different pasta.
  • Possibility of preparing gluten-free pasta
  • Intelligent tray designed specifically for various accessory discs
  • With a simple button Pasta Maker can mix, knead and expel to your liking

Accessories: fettuccine disc, macaroni disc, angel hair disc, pappardelle disc, lasagne disc, spaghetti disc, linguine disc, ravioli mould, water measuring cup, flour measuring cup, 2 in 1 accessory for cutting and cleaning, pasta rolling rack.

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