Set of 6 Pieces, cookware Stainless Steel Smart




MasterPro has developed the smart kitchen set that contains everything you need to create your favourite recipes without the taste and the quality of all ingredients are lost.

The pans made of stainless steel are extremely durable. We use technology that quickly reaches the desired cooking temperature and distributes heat evenly across the entire floor surface.

In addition, they are intended for use on induction, gas, halogen, glass ceramic and electric cookers.

When you are finished cooking, you can simply clean them!

The lids ensure that the heat and steam are kept in the saucepan, making the taste of your preparations even more intense. Thanks to the comfortable handles, you can carry and move the pots and pans with little effort.

The pack contains: - 2 pans 20 cm. - 2 pans 24 cm. - 2 pans 28 cm. In addition, with the Club MasterPro app for the mobile phone and the included complete recipe book, you can create numerous recipes that come from the most prestigious chefs in the world.

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