Vacuum Sealer Machine




Foodies takes the most professional cuisine to your kitchen with this vacuum packer is one of the best ways to store food, preventing them from spoiling and, therefore, the waste of them.

The Foodies MasterPro sealant is the ideal solution to close and seal vacuum bags correctly improving the conservation and lasting of food.

The system extracts the air from the bags by creating a seal that allows a conservation up to 5 times better of the ingredients.

A complete conservation device with an intuitive system with luminous indicators and an LED screen that offers simple usability.

Modern and minimalist design that results in a perfect complement for Sousvide Roner Foodies Masterpro available to the whole family.

Experimenting in the kitchen is important but to have the instruments to do it, even more, complete your kitchen with the Foodies collection.

  • Power: 100-240V-130W
  • Measurement: 37x15x7 cm
  •  Vacuum pressure: 60kPa
  •  Vacuum rate: 3.0L / min
  • Wide of seal cable: 2.0mm
  • Surface: Stainless steel.

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