Wok Pan - Pressed Iron ODIN




The Masterpro Odin series gives you all the advantages of cast iron cookware, but without some of the disadvantages, such as heavy weight.

Odin cookware is made of pressed iron, which is about 50% lighter than cast iron, but at the same time has excellent heat retention and distribution properties.

This cookware is often chosen by professional chefs because the material is incredibly strong, like cast iron.

Cast iron is prone to rust and needs to be periodically lubricated and annealed to acquire non-stick properties.

This is not necessary for Odin cookware, as it is equipped with CERA+ ceramic non-stick coating, which is PFC-free and PTFE-free and allows you to cook healthy dishes with minimal fat.

The innovative structure ensures better fat distribution and significantly increases the cooking surface even with small amounts of oil or butter.

Small recesses on the bottom catch and hold fat, preventing it from draining to the lowest point. It's not just a marketing gimmick, it's a real effect, you can try it for yourself.

The handles of this series are made of acacia, a beautiful wood with natural antibacterial properties.

Masterpro Odin cookware is suitable for cooking on all types of stoves.


Type: frying pan

Frying pan type: wok

Inner coating: non-stick CERA+

Colour: silver

Dimensions, cm: 24

Material: steel

Handle material: plastic/metal

Type of heat source: suitable for all cookers

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