10-IN-1 Carbon Titanium Multitrimmer




Babyliss MT727E 10-IN-1 Carbon Titanium Multitrimmer. Babyliss Carbon Titanium Multitrimmer is a 10-in-1 multi trimmer that, with its many features, is all a man needs to shave his face and body.

Complete multi-trimmer for trimming, shaping and styling facial and body hair. With this trimmer, you can keep your stump or beard in order, trim the sideburns, trim the edges, remove nose and ear hair and groom your body hair.

Super sharp blades in carbon / titanium with high precision for a long time. Up to 60 minutes of use without cord. Washable heads that facilitate cleaning.

Technical information

Cordless multitrimmer
60 minutes usage time without cord
8 hours charging time
3 replaceable heads with click bracket:
– Precision trimmer with cutting blades in carbon / titanium
– Nose trimmer
– Linear shaving head
4 beard combs (5 + 6 + 7 + 8 mm)
Stubble comb (1?3.5 mm)
2 distance combs for body hair (3?4 mm)
Washable heads

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