Mini Rotary Tool



A wide range of accessories (many of which are supplied) can be mounted on the convenient spindle of the mini taper for cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, etc. Lightweight and handy, super comfort thanks to the use without cables, it can be applied on many materials (wood, ceramic, metal etc.) Equipped with ten different speeds for the perfect rendering of each individual accessory. The kit in question is offered in a convenient conal tin box where an accessory holder is inserted (wheels, abrasive discs, sponges, drill bits....). Casals Quality Guaranteed

Technical specifications:

- Power supply (V): 10.8 Lithium
- No-load speed (n°/min): 0 - 25,000
- Number of speeds: 10
- Spindle size (mm): 3.2
- Weight (kg): 0.43
- Battery charging time (h): 3

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