50's Style Aesthetic - Blender 800w White




The '50 style table blender, is the perfect ally for a big variety of preparations
  • Four manual speed levels, for optimal performance even with small food quantities
  • Smoothie, Green Smoothie and Ice-Crush: three pre-set programs for the ideal final result
  • Auto-clean function for fast and efficient cleaning, allowing different preparations in sequence
  • Custom preparations thanks to the three intensity levels of the Pulse function
  • Lid with measuring cup, to add ingredients safely and easily during blending

The Pulse function with 3 intensity levels enables customized preparatory processing while the Autoclean function guarantees quick and thorough cleaning facilitating the preparation of recipes in sequence. 

The all-stainless steel blade unit adjustable to 4 manual speed settings allows even small quantities of food to be chopped with consistently excellent results. 

Finally, the smooth start motor allows you to gradually increase the speed until the desired one is reached.

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