50's Style - Espresso Manual Coffee Machine With Grinder Red




Manual espresso coffee machine with built-in grinder: experience coffee and milk-based preparations just like at the bar.
  • Built-in coffee grinder, the true coffee flavor from freshly ground coffee beans.
  • Double thermobock heating system: brewing coffee and steam ready without waiting times.
  • Espresso coffee machine designed for perfect delivery of true Italian espresso, with functions for single and double espresso.
  • 20 bar pump pressure: for a correct extraction of the espresso
  • Professional 58 mm filter holder, designed to always have the best result in the cup
  • Possibility to choose between 4 extraction temperature levels and 4 pre-infusion profiles
  • Thanks to the pressure gauge, it is possible to check whether the coffee is being extracted at the correct extraction pressure
  • 1650 W

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