G6 Resist Intense - 7pcs Set




The Tefal RESIST INTENSE pots and pans set was built to last, offering extreme resistance and durability in any cooking conditions. This premium-quality cookware set was designed to endure the high flames of professional-grade gas stoves with impressive resistance to scratches and stains, with UltraProtect technology to ensure long-lasting performance. The Titanium 2X  non-stick coating that lasts up to 2 times longer than Tefal's standard coatings, delivers exceptional flavor and consistency with effortless clean-up. Thermo-Signal™ technology helps achieve perfect cooking results and searing like a pro. This 7-piece set offers everything you need to master a wide variety of recipes with total peace-of-mind:  a deep frypan for ultimate searing over high-heat, a sauté pan for exceptional one-pan meals, two perfect stewpots for mouth-watering soups and stews. With extra-robust engineering combined with enhanced ergonomics, discover the ultimate high-resistance pots and pans set.

stewpots 22/26 cm, frypan 28 cm, sautepan 24 cm

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