X-Plorer Series 60 2 in 1 Vacuum & Mop Ultra Slim 6cm

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The thinnest 4-in-1 robot*

The Tefal X-PLORER Serie 60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an ultra-compact home cleaning solution with advanced technology for intuitive cleaning that leaves your entire home spotless. Discover a high-tech automatic vacuum cleaner that goes anywhere you need it: smart navigation, advanced infrared technology, and a highly intuitive user-friendly interface including smartphone app with cutting-edge gyroscope map reporting and voice assistant compatibility.

The Tefal X-PLORER Serie 60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Bringing together advanced technology with an ultra-thin design, the Tefal X-PLORER Serie 60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an expert cleaning solution that covers your entire home with total ease. The streamlined, compact format is ultra-thin, at a height of just 6 cm—ideal for tracking dust under low furniture and into narrow, hard-to-reach areas—for a go-anywhere automatic vacuum cleaner that offers unmatched convenience. Discover smart navigation, with enhanced gyro technology and infrared sensors for reliable navigation that makes home cleaning effortless. The free app with a comprehensive gyroscope map reporting puts easy home cleaning in the palm of your hand and is fully voice-assistant compatible (Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa). Enhanced features round off the package: the High-Performance filter ensures a healthier home environment for people who suffer from allergies, the active motorized Turbo Brush ensures efficient deep-cleaning results on all surfaces, and more.

  • Lateral brush: 2 
  • Motorization: Brushless motor
  • 3 Cleaning Models: Methodic, Spot, Wall-follow
  • Power Levels: 3
  • Automatic and effortless cleaning 
  • Cleaning Efficiency: 2000 Pa < Great <4000 Pa 
  • Mopping: Standard  
  • Stairs Management: Yes: 3 drop sensors  
  • Virtual Walls: No  
  • Home Mapping in the Application: Cleaning report  
  • Ability to go under low furniture: BEST

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