X-Trem Power 4A Vacuum Cleaner - Black ; Metis Brown




Vacuum cleaner X-Trem Power shows high performance and maximum cleaning efficiency on any type of coating, confirmed by the efficiency class 3A + AA. Powerful high-performance nozzle quickly and thoroughly removes dust, dirt and liquids on any type of coating. Advanced two-level air filtration technology keeps >99.98% of the absorbed dust. Thanks to the increased capacity of XL (4.5 l), even long-term cleaning in large rooms will be comfortable - the replacement of the Hygiene+ dust collector occurs rarely and without accidental dust release. The X-Trem Power vacuum cleaner is ready to take on any challenge and guarantee the perfect cleanliness of your home.

  • The new energy-efficient EffiTech motor guarantees perfect cleaning quality with minimal energy consumption.
  • An advanced filtration system at >99.98% cleans the intake air from dust and dirt.
  • Changing the Hygiene+ dust collector is convenient and hygienic – thanks to the built-in self-closing valve, dust will not come out.
  • Filters no longer need to be changed: the technology of careful filtration allows you to use built-in, non-replaceable filters in the vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum cleaner mixes smoothly and easily in any direction thanks to 4 wheels with a 360° rotation.
  • Powerful and efficient nozzle quickly and thoroughly collects dust and dirt on hard floors.

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