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Leaves don't just fall in autumn. In spring and summer too, fruit tree blossoms and leaves from bloomed flowers and other wilted greenery fall onto lawns, paths and patios. There is a device that can make virtually any task less strenuous: the BLV 18-200 Battery leaf blower and blower vac. The handy device with two-handed grip for an optimal weight distribution collects even wet leaves from hard-to-reach corners. The functional 3-in-1 device with large collection sack volume is controlled using a selector lever, which also makes it possible to use the vacuuming and blowing functions at the same time. With variable speed regulation, the ideal air speed can be adapted to the required cleaning effect, from a gentle breeze to the temporary Turbo Boost. So that handling the device is not tiring at all when working for long periods without stopping, removable guide rollers which make work more efficient and simpler have been provided in addition to focusing on carrying comfort in terms of ergonomics and weight. The battery is not included in the scope of supply.

  • Turbo Boost: Provides a temporary power boost for the vacuuming and blower function.
  • Variable speed regulation:  Makes it possible to continuously adapt the speed depending on the task.
  • Selector lever for setting the function: Continuous adjustment between vacuuming and blowing, also with the option of a combined function.
  • Two-handed grip:  Ensures an ideal weight distribution and easy handling.
  • Removable guide rollers:  Makes work simpler and more efficient at the same time.
  • 45-litre bag volume:  Guarantees uninterrupted working for long periods.
  • Brushless motor:  For a longer running time and improved lifetime for the device.
Motor type Brushless motor
Turbo boost button yes
Speed regulation yes
Operating noise level (dB(A)) 107
Blower mode, air speed (km/h) max. 200
Suction mode speed (km/h) max. 130
catcher bag volume (l) 45
Battery platform 18 V battery platform
Voltage (V) 18
Power per battery charging - Blowing mode (m²) max. 425 (2,5 Ah) / max. 850 (5,0 Ah)
Power per battery charging - Suction mode (l) max. 45 (2,5 Ah) / max. 90 (5,0 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 15 (2,5 Ah) / max. 30 (5,0 Ah)
Sound level Cordless blower (dB(A)) 87,6
Sound level Cordless blower/vacuum (dB(A)) 90,8
Weight without accessories (kg) 3,5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5,4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1243 x 171 x 376

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