Cordless Valley Vacuum cleaner




  • WIRELESS Bagless cordless vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery with 40 minutes run time with a 5 hour charging time. Practical for accessing all corners without messy cables, collects dust in one go
  • Versatile use. Designed for thorough and thorough cleaning in every corner of the house and on different surfaces. The detachable head turns it into a useful vacuum cleaner for cleaning sofas, cars, carpets, beds, floors, etc.
  • Motorized brush + cyclonic system + 2 speeds. It features a motorized brush with a combination of bristles and silicone that even catches pet hair, a cyclone suction system (providing more suction power, a less forced motor and better maintenance) and two speeds to adapt to your needs.
  • LED-LIGHTING. Particularly effective, even under furniture, under the bed or in the darkest corners, thanks to the motorized brush illuminated by high-quality LEDs
  • Comfortable and easy to handle. Durable 29.6 V lithium battery, rechargeable in 5 hours. Tank with a capacity of 0.8 liters and rubber wheels. Included accessories: lance with brush

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