Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Wiping Function RCV 5




Hard floors and low-pile carpets are independently and systematically cleaned by the RCV 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dry dirt is transported into the built-in waste container by the rotating brush, the side brush for the edges and the fan. The ultrasonic sensor detects carpets that would be better cleaned using the Auto Boost function. The RCV 5 doesn't just vacuum but can also wet mop, automatically avoiding carpet when in mopping mode. Via the app, the RCV 5 will automatically create a map of the rooms by detecting the surroundings (LiDAR). Individual cleaning parameters can be set for every room - simply select which rooms should be vacuumed, mopped or not cleaned. Thanks to the dual-laser system with camera, the RCV 5 also detects and avoids flat obstacles such as cables, socks or shoes, whilst additional sensors prevent the device from falling. For cleaning, you can conveniently start the RCV 5 via the app, use a preset individual schedule or press a button on the device to start your cleaning. Voice output of the device will provide the most important information and status.

  • Charging time rechargeable battery (min): 230 
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Running time per charge (min): 120
  • Area performance (m²/h): 85
  • Dirt container (ml): 330
  • Fresh water tank (ml): 240
  • suction performance (Pa): 5000
  • Sound power level (dB(A)): 66
  • Battery Capacity 5.2
  • Autonomous cleaning
  • Cleaning brush
  • Filter: 2 x
  • Wiping cloth: 2 x
  • Dirt container
  • Fresh water tank
  • Fall sensors
  • Charging station
  • Operation using app
  • Timer program: several timers possible
  • Cleaning modes: Dry cleaning

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