Robot X-Plorer Series 45 - 2 in 1 Vacuum & Mop

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Experience the pure convenience of automatic home cleaning

The Tefal X-plorer Serie 45 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient home cleaning solution equipped with reliable technology for an effortless, hands-off experience. Discover a high-tech automatic vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning everywhere you need it: advanced sensors to avoid bumps and accidents, an active motorized brush for high-efficiency cleaning, and the Aqua Force system to mop your floor while vacuuming!  Plus, it's highly intuitive and easy to use thanks to the smartphone app.

Bringing together reliable technology with high-efficiency cleaning performance, the Tefal X-plorer Serie 45 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient cleaning solution that covers your entire home with total ease. This go-anywhere automatic vacuum cleaner combines advanced sensors to avoid bumps and accidents with 4-in-1 cleaning action: two side brushes for corners and hard-to-reach areas, a Turbo brush for deep-cleaning for hair and lint, a reliable motor for solid suction, and the Aqua Power System to mop surfaces clean. Plus, it is equipped with three navigation modes—Auto, Auto Express and Wall-Follow—to cover even complex areas, track dust along walls and baseboards, and more. The high-performance Lithium-ion battery offers an impressive runtime of up to 150 minutes. Finally, this robot vacuum is highly intuitive and easy to use: once connected to the app, simply schedule and personalize your cleaning from anywhere, at any time.

  • Technology: Rotative central brush
  • Type of Brushes: 2
  • Power levels: 1
  • Cleaning modes: 3 (Auto, Auto Express and Wall-Follow) 
  • Vacuum Cleaning Efficiency: Good (< 2000 Pa )  
  • Stairs management: YES
  • Level of room coverage (Navigation technology): GOOD 
  • Ability to go under low furniture: STANDARD 
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion  
  • Recharging Time: 6 hours  
  • Running time (min position): 150min 
  • Recharging type: Docking Station 
  • Dust Container: 0.44L  L
  • Standard Filter  
  • Water Tank Capacity: 0,11  L
  • 32,5x32,5x8  cm

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