Steam Washer SC 2 EasyFix




The SC 2 EasyFix steam cleaner cleans without chemicals and makes hard surfaces in the home hygienically clean. With the EasyFix floor cleaning set

The intuitive and practical entry-level model SC 2 EasyFix is ​​a steam cleaner with two-stage steam regulation for adapting the steam intensity to the surface and dirt. Practical accessory storage on the machine and parking position for the floor nozzle are practical features that make cleaning easy and convenient. Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix steam cleaner cleans without chemicals. It kills 99.99% of household bacteria on hard surfaces in and around the home and is intended for universal use. Versatile accessories keep fittings, tiles, hobs, cooker hoods and small cracks and joints hygienically clean. Even stubborn dirt is easy to remove. Thanks to the slats on the underside of the EasyFix floor nozzlethe steam stays on the floor for a long time for perfect cleaning results. The flat design and the nozzle's flexible joint means that the EasyFix floor nozzle easily gets under furniture. The floor cloth is changed without contact with the dirt by stepping on the foot flap of the floor cloth and pulling the EasyFix floor nozzle upwards

  • Convenient accessory storage and easy storage of the nozzle during breaks.
  • A locking system provides reliable protection against improper use by children.
  • Thanks to the slats on the underside of the EasyFix floor nozzle , there is an optimal cleaning result on all types of hard floors in the home. The floor cloth is changed without contact with the dirt. Step on the foot tab of the floor cloth and pull the EasyFix nozzle upwards Ergonomic and efficient cleaning with full contact with the floor regardless of the height of the person using the steam cleaner thanks to the flexible nozzle.
  • Targeted cleaning of different surfaces with floor nozzle, hand nozzle, round brushes, etc.

The cloth for the floor nozzle and the cover for the hand nozzle are made of high-quality microfiber for thoroughly clean results and better removal and absorption of dirt.

The amount of steam can be adjusted individually to the surface and the dirt.


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