Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control




  • Robot Xclean is the intelligent and silent robot vacuum cleaner capable of autonomously cleaning floors and carpets and autonomously returning to the base for recharging.
  • Robot Xclean is the robot vacuum cleaner with remote control, with which you can select the different cleaning modes: automatic (random with circular movements), zig zag, along the wall and spot.
  • Thanks to the anti-collision sensors, it guarantees thorough daily cleaning, covering the surface of the room, completely bypassing obstacles, without hitting furniture and with maximum silence. Thanks to the anti-fall sensors it avoids stairs and unevenness.
  • The small size (30 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height) and the side brushes allow Robot Xclean to reach anywhere, eliminating dust even from the most difficult corners.
  • At the end of the cleaning cycle, Robot Xclean returns autonomously to the charging base. With two levels of filtration, primary and HEPA, Robot Xclean guarantees perfect cleaning of the whole house by retaining even the finest dust.

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