Sena Broom Vacuum Cleaner




Get a more efficient and comfortable cleaning. The Sena 22V Broom Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for all types of surfaces , you can comfortably clean even in hard-to-reach places.

It has a high-performance motorized brush with a combination of hair and silicone; that will catch even animal hair , and a lance with a bristle brush as an accessory.

Clean different areas such as the sofa, the car, carpets and rugs. Without cables and with a lithium battery that allows an optimal autonomy of 40 minutes.

It occupies little space and includes a wall bracket , so it is very easy to store it.

Light, versatile and efficient.

22V lithium batteries
2 Speeds
Autonomy: up to 40 minutes
System: cyclonic
System: LED
Motorized brush
Capacity: 0.8 liters
Charge: 5 hours
Rubber wheels
Removable body
Accessory: lance with bristle brush

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