11 L Electric Oven Air Fryer

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$169 $250


  • 2000W 
  • Fry without oil: thanks to the high-temperature hot air technology, the Airy fryer Oven frying evenly, without the need to add oil or fat
  • Electric oven with rotisserie: to cook chicken on a spit and roasts. Also try the Dryer function to dehydrate fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and meat at home
  • It cooks different dishes at the same time: thanks to the overlapping grids, it cooks more dishes, without releasing unpleasant odors or smoke
  • Cook in a healthy way and respect the environment because the air fryer does not produce waste oil, like traditional fryers
  • L 32.50 cm x W 34.00 cm  x H 38.50 cm

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