12 L Air Fryer

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  • Versatile functions - Our XXL hot air fryer with extra large capacity combines an electric oven and a rotating grill. The fryer is especially suitable for frying, grilling, desiccating, roasting, gratinating, baking, defrosting, heating and keeping food warm.
  • Fryer without oil - The GOURMETmaxx hot air fryer makes it possible to cook particularly low-fat and gently. It maintains the selected temperature so that each dish can be prepared perfectly and precisely by timer.
  • Touch operation - The hot air fryer has a large digital display with touch display for maximum user comfort. A handy control dial also allows you to manually change the temperature and timer settings.
  • Easy programme selection - 8 pre-installed programmes help you prepare chips, meat or fish. The large viewing window also gives you a quick overview of the progress.
  • Quick cleaning - The fat collection tray catches dripping fat and liquid from meat, vegetables or fish directly. The drip tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

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