2.6 L Air Fryer

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  • 32.5 x 27.5 x 31.5 cm
  • How does it work? The 360 ​​° circulation of hot air in the basket cooks food evenly. You will taste the flavors and aromas of traditional frying with a single tablespoon of oil
  • What can I fry? In addition to crunchy chips you can prepare tasty croquettes of potatoes, meat, fish and many other breaded foods, fresh or frozen
  • Browse the cookbook: have fun trying the tasty sweet and savory recipes we have prepared for you
  • Fried at will: forget greasy and caloric fried foods and cook with 80% less fat without giving up the pleasure of good food
  • Love the environment: in addition to a healthier and healthier fried food, it saves the house from bad smells and eliminates the production of used oils, one of the most dangerous sources of pollution for the environment
  • 1300 W 


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