2 in 1 Cordless Stick Cleaner

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  • Cordless electric broom with 2200 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery that becomes a portable handheld vacuum cleaner. 3 levels of Filtration. Motorized brush with LED lights and accessory kit supplied.
    Efficient, light, silent and practical. Always at hand!
    The cordless vacuum cleaner 22V Lithium Ram is designed to suck up perfectly at all times any area of the house, identifying even more dirt hiding thanks to the motorized brush with LED lights . The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform, with a few simple steps, the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner , to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way. Thanks to the 3 levels of filtering , the 22V Lithium cordless electric broom sucks dirt from all over the house, effectively retaining even the finest residues, and releasing filtered and cleaner air , also with a simple click, empty the tank directly into the trash avoiding to disperse dust and dirt in the air.


  • Voltage 22.2 V
  • Power 120W
  • Battery Li-ion / Li-ion 2200 mAH
  • Triple filtration metal filter, fabric filter, Hepa filter
  • Tank capacity 1 L
  • Speed 2
  • Cleaning cycle duration 45 ‘(Min) -20’ (Max)
  • Charging time 4 h
  • Battery level LED indicator
  • Motorized brush with LED lights
  • Fabric accessory
  • Spout slots
  • Aluminum tube
  • Wall support with integrated accessory holder

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