4.8 L Titl-head Stand Mixer - Gold Bowl




Iconic design, titl-head, 4.8 L, gold bowl, direct drive motor, 300W, 0.19 HP, Speed levels: 10, 58 to 220 RPM, 220-240 V,

Speed 1 to 10, Max flour advised: All-purpose flour 1KG (8 Cups), Whole wheat flour : 800 g (6 cups) , 12 eggs (medium)
Whipped cream 1 L, Cake 2.7 kg
Bread dough 2 kg ,Mashed potatoes 3.2 kg, Cookies (standard 5.1 cm , 2 inch cookie)108 units (9 dozen), H*W*D: 36*24*37 cm, cord length 145.4cm, color: Pebbled Palm, Made in USA

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