9 L Electric Steamer

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800 W 
  • Healthy cooking: steam cooking keeps nutrients such as minerals and vitamins intact and preserves the taste of food
  • A complete meal: cook rice, meat, fish, eggs and vegetables at the same time. An entire menu full of flavor is ready for you in a single cooking
  • Continuous refill: keep the water level under control thanks to the special indicator and fill the tank at any time without having to stop cooking
  • Space-saving: after use, place one basket inside the other. Ideal for taking up minimal space in your kitchen
  • 100 degrees in 40 seconds: place the food in the basket, turn on the product and in a few seconds the steam is ready to start cooking healthy and full of flavor
  • Components included: Steamer, 3 baskets, rice container, lid, multilingual instruction booklet

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