Bar Spoon TEARDROP- 40cm




  • Cocktail - Bartender / Bar Tools
  • 40cm 
  • Length (cm): 40,0
  • Width (cm): 2,7
  • This bar spoon is made of high quality stainless steel and out of one piece.
  • It has a twisted handle is equipped with a teardrop shaped end, which will provide balance. Furthermore it can be used to press on herbs or sugar.
  • The spoon is dishwasher safe and has no sharp edges.
  • The spoon has a length of 40cm and a width of approx. 2,7cm.
  • Use this durable spoon to layer creamy cocktails or shots and to stir refreshing drinks such as a Mojito or classical Martinis.
  • This bar spoon is suitable for your home bar as well as in your restaurant and cocktail Bar. The attractive price-performance-ratio will convince you!

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