Beach Kayak

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  • Inflatable recreational kayak with a detachable front and rear seat, made of robust, durable quality film. Salt water, oil, ozone and frost resistant.
  • Longitudinal bar base construction for higher stability and 5 air chambers system with safety valves. Small packing volume.
  • Space saver portable in duffel bag (included).
  • Maximum rated capacity: 160 kg (suitable for 2 adults).
  • Aluminium double bladed paddle. Can be used as a single bladed paddle.
  • To be used in sheltered shore zones up to 300 m, includes a repair kit, storage bag with Velcro fastening.
  • Dimension: (inflated) approx. L 325 mm x W 91 x H 46 cm;
  • Double paddle: approx. L 220 cm;
  • Weight: approx. 7 kg.

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