Black&White, 500ml Glass Bottle, Tap Type Cap




The new Benetton Casa bottle is perfect for any situation: travel, work, school, home, gym, hiking or cycling. It is easy to clean and you can use it again and again. Plus, with a reusable bottle, you can save money in the long run.
The 500ml bottle itself is made from lightweight borosilicate glass, which has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This makes it more resistant to temperature differences compared to ordinary glass. The bottle is an ecological product, does not contain toxic materials and can be filled with both hot and cold drinks.
The bottle has a colored screw cap with a link and also a wide mouth for comfortable drinking.

Black Color only available


Brand United Colors of Benetton
Series Black & White
Material Borosilicate glass
Capacity 500 ml
Clean in the dishwasher can be cleaned

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