Title: 1 Piece


  • D5.5cm H12cm 266ml 
  • Your guests see you as a person of substance who cares about presentation and individuality, a host who can cater to a group of friends and family but make every one of them feel like the guest of honor.
  • Helps you achieve this persona. The glasses are substantial and attractive: their balanced foot and sturdy stem confidently support the broad bowl, presenting the classic cognac glass profile. And they're bespoke: their wide bowl tapers toward the top, concentrating and guiding upward the alcohol's alluring aromas as your hand warms the soothing beverage. Craft spirits aficionados seek adventurous new tastes, and these glasses enhance the artisanal libations they crave.
  • They're compact enough for cognac neat but roomy enough for an inventive cocktail or even a juice or soft drink. Join the craft spirits movement and share your love of originality and good taste.

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