Glass Cup - 450 ml - Soiree Collection


Title: 1 Piece


  • from Spiegelau Germany
  • The Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH, located in the Bavarian Forest, has a long glass-making tradition and was first mentioned in 1521.
  • SPIEGELAU has been setting trends and standards in the development and production of professional wine glasses for many years.
  • Today, the brand stands as a synonym for professional, high quality glasses.
  • SOIREE is a functional and durable glass series, taking account of the special demands the restaurant and catering business has.
  • Spiegelau's innovative platinum technology in the production process makes SOIREE glasses very scratch and breakage resistant.
  • The tested dishwasher safety of 1500 cycles is one more example for this exceptional durability.

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