Granite Oven Pan, Rectangular


Size: 30cm


  • Coated with the best German Greblon Ceramic nonstick finish. 
  • Non-toxic coating.
  • The coating protects food from sticking and reduce the possibility of food blackening 
  • Made with heavy duty professional quality pressure cast aluminum which conducts heat evenly.

1. Only a small amount of oil is needed to maintain the non-stick layer during cooking.

2. Do not overheat your cookware! Remember to always use low to medium heat. Overheating can damage the nonstick layer, resulting into loss of its nonstick capacities.

3. The non-stick layer may lose its non-stick capacities by repeated dishwasher care. Hand washing will preserve its non-stick capacities.

4. Always use wooden or plastic utensils. Avoid the use of metal or sharp objects.

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