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The blender: an essential to express your creativity

Do you own a blender? This tool is essential. Make salad dressings, sauces, smoothies and more in no time with this flexible, easy-to-use blender. Try a new recipe, like mint and pea sauce, cauliflower puree or a nutritious baby dish.

Your handy little kitchen accessory for perfect results

Blenders, also called hand blenders, are ideal for small, quick tasks in the kitchen. That's why we tried to make the classic KitchenAid mixer as useful and practical as possible. 

The removable blending shaft, with its 4-point stainless steel blade, is designed to be long enough to reach the bottom of deep pots and pans. This means you can not only blend in the included bowl, but also blend while you cook. Plus, thanks to the removable anti-scratch protector, you won't risk scratching your kitchen utensils, so mix!

Texture control

Smooth or thick? It's up to you. Adjustable speed allows you to gradually move from minimum speed (8,250 rpm) to maximum speed (11,600 rpm) at the touch of a button. You control the final texture of your soups, smoothies and sauces. 

Easily adjust the speed while you cook, with just the touch of a button. Thanks to this intuitive control, it's as easy as pie.

Blending is so easy you can do it with one hand

The lightweight, perfectly balanced design of this blender makes your life easier. Mix with one hand. Blend, blend, mash, froth or puree easily using the trigger to control the speed. 

With your other hand, you can easily move your pitcher, bowl or kitchen utensil in which you are mixing to reach all the nooks and crannies. Are you feeling inspired? Why not add other ingredients as you wish?

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