Double Jigger - Measuring Tool




  • Cocktail - Bartender / Bar Tools - Stainless Steel
  • Made in Germany 
  • Diameter: 5,1cm, 6,2cm
    Height: 7,5cm
    Unit of measurement: 1oz, 2oz
  • Easily and handy measure liquids of 1 or 2 oz with this bar jigger.
  • The capacities are engraved on the upper cup´s surface.
  • Therefore it is not necessary to get yourself another bar jigger because the main cocktails can be prepared with it.
  • Moreover the double bar jigger is X-shaped and is made of polished stainless
  • Therefore even acid liquids will not attack the stainless steel jigger and it stands stable and secure on the table, too.
  • Due to the curved cup´s rim, liquids can be easily poured out and without leaking served.


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