Electric Travel Fridge

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$70 $99


  • Travel Fridge with energy A++
  • Works with 220 V or 12 V for its use in the car
  • Suitable for cooling and heating
  • Keeps Temperature up to -18 degrees
  • Ideal for the use in camping, travel and shopping
  • Gross Capacity of 25 liters
  • Powerful cooling and heating system
  • Double wall insulated finish of high quality special rubber seal in lid reduces condensation
  • control lights for the functions of cooling and warming
  • Folding handle
  • Removable lid Accessories: 12 V connection cable (Detachable) 40/48 W 230 V connection cable (Detachable) 52/58 W, 8 W (ECO-Mode)
  • *Damaged Outer box-Carton box-Item inside is brand new in Nylon*

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