Fast Bread Maker




You cannot beat the taste and flavors of homemade bread. Freshly made and still deliciously warm, it fills your home with the most welcoming aroma. Bake your own bread and you know that it’s free from the artificial ingredients and preservatives that are often found in shop-bought, packaged brands.

A Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Bread maker makes bread making really easy - you simply insert the ingredients, select the program you want and the bread maker does the mixing and baking for you. It has a time delay function that allows you to set it to have your loaf ready as soon as you get up or get in from work. It also has adjustable crust control so you can have bread as well done as you like. 

And despite its name it doesn’t stop at making just bread – you can also make dough for pizzas, cakes, even fruit loaves and jam 

  • 450g, 700g & 1kg loaf sizes
  • 55 minute fast bake function
  • 12 programmable functions
  • 13 hour delay bake timer
  • Program combinations including basic, French, whole-wheat, cake, pizza dough & jam
  • Auto keep warm function for 1 hr.
  • Dishwasher safe non-stick pan & kneading blades
  • Adjustable crust control: light, medium & dark
  • Large viewing window with LCD display

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