Food Manual Chopper 500 ml




  • Tefal 5-second chopper: The cutting revolution for homemade food prepared in no time!
    The simplest and fastest way to chop any kind of food to the exact size you want! With the Tefal 5 Second Chopper, preparing healthy food at home just got easier! Its independent stainless steel blades ensure an efficient and easy cutting experience.
  • Patented Boost System: One simple pull puts the patented independent blades into action for an impressive result all in a few seconds!
  • Progressive cutting for customized results!: Take control and chop it exactly the way you want. The more you pull, the smaller you chop while monitoring your results with the see-through crystal clear bowl.
  • Patented Free Blades: Ultra-resistant stainless steel blades are independent to chop any kind of food, along with a smart blade guide at the bottom for maximum cutting performance.
  • No electric power is required. The 5-second chopper can be used anywhere you want.
  • Secure design: The lid is equipped with a safe locking system, keeping it firmly attached to the bowl. The anti-slip system stops the chopper from sliding off your counter.
  • Safe and Comfortable to use: Thanks to a whole series of smart features: a safe locking system, a non-slip base, and a soft-touch, ergonomic handle.
  • Eco-friendly operating: with no need for electricity, the 5-second chopper can be used anywhere you want.
  • Easy to clean: Once you're done, put the bowl and the blade in your dishwasher. To clean the lid, simply wipe it with a sponge.

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