Glass Storage Container With Lid




  • Germany
  • 1L Capacity 
  • 12.5x19cm H18cm 1L
  • Perfect storage: the storage jar is perfect for storing a wide range of food. The stainless steel screw lid ensures that the contents are kept protected and no moisture can penetrate the inside of the glass.
  • The glass container is dishwasher safe and is therefore easy to clean. Please wipe the stainless steel lid with a damp cloth only.
  • Versatile: the glass is versatile, e.g. for the candy bar: sweets, biscuits, licorice, sweets, wine gums, but also for various other foods that should keep their freshness.
  • Compatible: thanks to the sophisticated design, several glasses can be perfectly arranged next to each other to save space. The glass can be placed on both the beveled and on the lower side opposite the lid.
  • The package includes 1 piece 


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