Hand Mixer Set

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  • With the universal 4-in-1 blender set, everyday kitchen tasks can be done in no time and in the smallest space. All attachments are powered by the powerful motor with 1000 watts of power. After application, most accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Mixing and stirring: with the high-quality stainless steel purée stick you can quickly and easily prepare soups, purees, baby porridge, smoothie, dips, sauces, milkshake and much more. With a few simple steps, the attachment is changed and the whisker is ready to beat cream or protein.
  • Chopping, mixing, rasping, kneading: the food processor attachment easily crushes harder ingredients, such as onions, garlic, herbs, cheese, meat, various Nuts, vegetables, chocolate, biscuits or grains. Thanks to the different inserts, you can even knead yeast dough for bread and pizzas as well as beating cream and protein for preparing mayonnaise and cake mixtures.
  • Spiral cutting: with the vegetable spiral cutter, you can prepare raw spirals and vegetable spaghetti for salads and vegetable pasta.
  • Accessories: hand blender with on/off switch plus turbo, stainless steel mixing base, spiral cutter attachment with 2 stainless steel discs, food processor attachment with 2 stainless steel discs and whisk attachment, measuring cup.

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