Induction Cooker



Are you tired of a dirty kitchen environment and the various inconveniences after cooking? 

  • Induction cookers are a convenient and clean way to braise, roast, boil, fry, sauté and more.
  • Rapid heat induction reduces your cooking time.
  • It is powerful, durable and easy to clean.
  • DIFFERENT FUNCTION SETTINGS FOR YOUR MISCELLANEOUS COOKING NEEDS: The 10 temperature settings range from 60 ° C (300W) to 240 ° C (2000W) and meet all cooking needs.
  • The large efficient coil heats up quickly and the powerful fan at the bottom ensures the safety of the induction cooker.
  • EQUIPPED WITH A SAFETY PROTECTION SYSTEM: The induction hob switches off automatically after 120 seconds if no cookware is detected.
  • It has a diagnostic error message system, an overheating sensor and a low and high voltage warning system to ensure optimum safety during use.
  • QUALITY AND QUALITY GUARANTEE: This high quality induction cooker is CE and GS approved.
  • SETTING THE THREE HOUR TIMER AND AUTO OFF: the induction cooking timer lasts up to 180 minutes. when the timer runs out, the induction cooktop switches off automatically. And for safety reasons, if there is no operation for 120 minutes, the induction cooker switches off.
  • Dimensions 35 x 5,5 x 30 cm

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