Large Juice Dispenser with tap - 8L




  • D.18 H.32 cm 8L
  • Material: Glass
  • The beverage dispenser "Yorkshire" has a volume of 8 liters and a nostalgic, rustic appearance.
  • On its rectangle glass body with the very round edges you can find an embossment on two sides: "Yorkshire - Glassware - Established 1898"
  • Just in the fashion of old fashioned preserving jars this dispenser has a screw cap made of metal. It has no sealing inlay inside so we do recommend to be careful if you transport the vessel because it may not be fully leak proof.
  • The best part of a dispenser is its tab.
  • This one is made of plastic and easily attachable through a screw mechanism and with rubber sealing ring.
  • You can use the tab simply by tilting the handle. Of course you can disassemble everything for easier cleaning.

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