Laptop Cushion

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  • Laptop Cushion Notebook Tray with Handle Black
  • Multi-Purpose black lap desk with ergonomic shape.
  • Comfortable work space with a fabric cover.
  • With practical handle.
  • Stable surface made of synthetic material.
  • Size (with cushion): approx. 59 x 40 x 5 cm (23.2 x 15.7 x 2 in).
  • Imported from UK.

The perfect combination of work and pleasure! With this lapdesk,
you can be comfortable and enjoy your work and hobbies more
fully. Whether you want to read, write, game or work, this knee
table will make the experience more enjoyable. This notebook desk
can be used on the sofa, on an office chair or in bed.

The foam padding on the bottom is wonderfully soft and will adapt
to the shape of your legs. And on top of the cushion is a smooth,
sturdy plastic surface for your laptop. This is the perfect desk
for books or tablets. With a size of approx 59 x 40 cm (23.2 x
15.7 in), it is ideal for a 19" laptop. The cushion is approx 6
cm (2.4 in) tall and keeps heat from the laptop away from your
body. The convenient handle allows you to easily transport the
laptop table and you can hang it on a wall when not in use. Both
the table surface and the cushion are black to match any device.
The cushion is held to the desk with velcro and can be easily
removed and cleaned with a damp cloth.

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