Mixing glass cocktails - 0.8L




  • Mixing glass cocktails - Bartender  Bar Tools
  • 0.8L 
  • Made in Germany
  • Height: 16cm
    Diameter: 9,6cm
    Capacity: 800ml
  • There are many ways of mixing cocktails: whether stirred in guest´s glasses or just shacked with a shaker. But there is a third possibility to prepare cocktails: to stir the ingredients in a mixing or bar glass.
  • All ingredients should be well mixed up.
  • Pour your desired ingredients and ice cubes in the mixing glass and stir with a bar spoon.
  • Strain the drink with a sieve or strainer in the guest´s glass. Martini´s or a Manhattan are classical cocktails which are prepared in a mixing glass.
  • These classical drinks will be prepared with ice cubes, but served without.
  • You will take this mixing glass if you prepare a cocktail with carbonic acid or if you prepare a cocktail with a vivid color. Cocktails with viscously ingredients such as juice, milk, cream, syrups or eggs should be mixed in a shaker and not stirred.

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